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Scandinavia and its Baltic neighbours have undergone a renaissance in cuisine, now boasting so many up and coming chefs who draw inspiration on fine local produce. The land, sea and freshwater lakes provides an abundance of high quality and often organic produce that now graces the plates throughout Scandinavia. Add top class chefs and you get some of the world’s best restaurants.

Copenhagen boasts Noma, world renowned for its avant-garde Nordic cuisine. Also in the World’s best are Geranium and 108 in Copenhagen. Frantzen in Stockholm, Maaemo, Oslo, Norway. By the way Maaemo means Mother Earth in ancient Norse.

Apart from these restaurants of notoriety there are superb eating places throughout Scandinavia even in remote areas. Experience brilliant fare in Bardus in arctic Tromso or try the wharf scene in Trondheim. Check this restaurant out in the remote Arctic of Norway. Skotholmen. my wife has eaten their recently and said it was brilliant. Plus it won’t break the bank. 

Scandinavia is now a foodie hub for cool cafes and seasonal food.


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Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Hopefully your visit will coincide with a concert by the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. One of the world’s oldest orchestras, dates back to 1765 and celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2015.

Edvard Grieg had a close relationship with the Orchestra, and served as its artistic director during the years 1880 – 82. Every summer the Bergen Festival hosts some 40 concerts in the fields of music, ballet, opera, theatre, dance and performing arts.

Something really special is to see the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra playing Grieg in their home town of Bergen, as I recently had the pleasure of attending.







Why do so many people crave Scandinavian culture? Is it the warmth of snuggling up among the Marimekko cushions on a cosy sofa, cracking open a bottle of aquavit with a smorgasbord of gravlax, before and settling down in front of the Bang & Olufsen to watch the latest Scandi-thriller?

Actually it’s so much more. From its Viking history, its composers, writers, artists, scientists, its respected Royal families, to its sense of community and it consistently being a leader in design. And did I mention it’s judged one of the World’s happiest places?

For those who love classical music every summer the Grieg in Bergen Festival should not be missed: Over 40 concerts are held throughout Bergen with many held in the medieval church “Korskirken” in downtown Bergen.

Lunch Concerts are also held:  Mid-June until the end of August, featuring Grieg Concert & Story in the new and (Delete) exciting Hotel Opus XVI, Edvard Grieg Heritage Hotel.

We can assist you with packages including tickets so please contact us.







Not only are they plentiful, both in major cities and regional areas, they are excellent. Some of my favourites’ are the Viking and Kon-Tiki exhibits in Oslo, the numerous art exhibitions in museum mad Stockholm. Plus of course the maritime VASA museum and ABBA museums in Stockholm. Being so close the Hermitage museum in neighbouring St Petersburg, Russia is an easy addition to any itinerary.

We recommend a guide as the best way to see a city but should you prefer to do your own thing then many cities have tourist passes and travel cards which we can provide with your accommodation.

Other great museum visits If in Copenhagen, The National Museum of Denmark. And the KGB museum in Tallinn, Estonia.

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