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Due to the terrain, distances and weather conditions air travel is an essential service throughout the Nordic countries. The Scandinavian countries – Denmark, Norway and Sweden – have a long- established cooperation in the field of air transport policy which is to try to negotiate agreements with as few restrictions as possible opening the aviation market for fair competition. This is to every travellers benefit as fares on many sectors being excellent value for money. We are an IATA ticketing agent for Finnair, SAS, Wideroe, Norwegian, Icelandic Air as well as many other international and regional airlines that service Scandinavia and beyond. As a Nordic specialist we have access to a wide range of specials airfares.


Finnair fly the new Airbus A350 on many of their East Asia services. It is a superb aircraft and has been beautifully appointed. One of the best business class flights I have experienced. We have a great relationship with Finnair and can offer seasonal fares, senior fares, low business class fares, extra legroom fares and much more. See this video below for a snowy landing I did recently in the new A350.

Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airline Service (SAS) is a combined operation primarily focused on Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It has provided an excellent service since 1946 and has an extensive and network throughout the region.  SAS has very competitive long-haul airfares as well as low cost regional fares. 


Wideroe is not an airline that instantly springs to mind but they have an extensive Norwegian network, which comes in very useful for some of the more remote destinations. We have access to a summer special ticket that covers their network. It is valid for unlimited travel in Norway for two weeks. Norway is divided into three zones and you can choose between travelling in one zone, two zones or the whole of Norway. Travel period: 1st July – 31st August 2018.

Fares start from 3460 Norwegian Kroner (NOR) for one zone, NOR 4070 for two zones and NOR 4680 for the whole of Norway. International connecting flight from Aberdeen, Billund, Copenhagen or Gothenburg is included in zone Southern Norway. (From mid-August also flights from Hamburg, London and Munich).


Norwegian is a very aggressive low cost carrier flying extensively throughout Europe and now to North America. Like all low cost carriers care must be taken when making bookings. We make deal with these airfares frequently so let us do these bookings for you.

Air Greenland, Atlantic Airways (No not Virgin Atlantic), Icelandic Air. Never heard of them? We have and we book them. Curious for more information about flying in Scandinavia? Contact us.